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Feb 19

Real Estate Values - Think Green

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Energy Efficient Home

Doug Overholt of BC (British Columbia) Hydro's Power Smart New Home Program is the latest official to encourage home owners towards energy-efficient products. Overholt points out the benefits of 'green' homes and insists that energy-efficiency is a factor in resale real estate value. The greener the house, the higher the resale value.

Think Green

Of course, saving energy also translates into more comfort, extra savings in the short and long term, and taking care of the environment. The BC Hydro representative makes a point that we discussed here previously at estaterebate.com. Despite the fact that almost everyone understands the benefits of being green, sometimes we get sidetracked with other purchases. Our earlier post referred to them as "eye candy." Several home owners would sooner pay extra for the gorgeous granite countertop than high-performance windows.

Are 'Green' Homes Worth The Price?

Overholt says that green homes are worth the price. He explains how rising energy costs will cause more homeowners in the future to look for energy-efficient homes. Even though if a homeowner makes simple alterations, they can save on energy bills in the meantime.

"Sometimes new home buyers overlook two important aspects of energy efficiency. First, an efficient home is going to cost you less to operate every month. That's money in your pocket - you can pay down your mortgage faster. Second, we live in an era of rising energy costs. Down the road, a house that's an energy pig won't sell as easily, or appreciate as well as one that costs less to operate," says Doug Overholt of BC Hydro's Power Smart New Home Program.

Sometimes people get off track because they think that green homes will cost more. No doubt, certain features such as heat pumps can come with considerable initial cost. Yet these smart purchases pay for themselves with savings in the long term.

Anyway, everything 'energy-efficient' does not have a high price tag. Usually, extra insulation or air sealing will not break your budget. As well, there are energy-efficiency grants out there to help Canadian and American homeowners. With high energy costs and an economy emerging from a downturn, many people need help and providing energy grants goes in the right direction.

Energy-Efficient Programs

Sometimes the programs may not go far enough, however, in the right direction or the path may be too complicated for certain groups. For example, specific programs encourage homeowners to buy energy-efficient products and receive reimbursement from the government. That plan does not always work for families living on low incomes because they cannot pay the upfront cost. That won't be because they are spending it on "eye candy." Their income covers only (or maybe does not even cover) the basics.

Yet everyone should check with state (provincial in Canada) and federal officials to see if there is an energy-efficiency program to suit your needs. Thinking green can save you money today and in the future.

For resale real estate value, think energy efficiency

estaterebate.com has also provided information in another post about Prince William's new 'green' home at Harwood Park Estate. A few interesting green details here! Let us not forget, however, that every family, regardless of income, should be able to live in a comfortable and energy-efficient home.

At Home with Prince William & Kate Middleton

Are You Planning Energy-Efficient Improvements?

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Jan 14

Home Sellers and Vanishing Dollars

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Home Sellers and Vanishing Dollars

Many U.S. home sellers saw dollars vanish in front of their eyes during the past year. Although the vanishing act was really an illusion as the money never existed – except in an over-zealous home seller's mind. Pricing homes outside the realm of reality holds no magic; it just ends with disappointed sellers. All the dollars disappear because home buyers move on to another dream (and price) within their reach.

During the past year, no home sellers (upscale residence or small house) were exempt from price reductions. According to the Washington Post, Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson had to reduce the asking price for his Washington, DC home. In 2010, the property sold for almost one-third less than the original asking price. The buyer paid $3.25 billion. During 2006, Paulsen had paid $4.3 million for the property.

Chicago Home Sellers

Between March-December 2010, Chicago home sellers saw a widening divide between their preferred price and the actual amount of the home sale. The Chicago Agent magazine examined monthly data for Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will counties. The price reductions endured by sellers were calculated at $459 million a month.

Despite the size of the area, Cook County sellers led other counties in their average number of reductions (17,335) per month. As well, this county had the biggest cuts (percentage-wise) – almost 6% ($16,000) every time they lowered asking prices. Du Page County ranked second with 3,583 reductions (4.4%).

Chicago Home Buyers

Of course, Chicago home buyers were pleased with the reduced prices. Yet a few home buyers still paid a fine sum for their dream homes.

Chicago's Most Expensive Houses

            • $7.75 million - Barrington Hills (McHenry County)

            • $5.99 million - Lake Forest (Lake County)

            • $4.1 million - Hinsdale (DuPage County)

            • $2.99 million - St. Charles (Kane County)

Chicago's Most Expensive Condos

11 E. Walton Street

Three Condos

            •$7.4 million

            •$6.88 million

            •$6.28 million

Real estate mantra in 2010: How low can you go?

UK Home Sales

The current state of home sale prices varies from market to market. The average price of a home in England and Wales fell 0.2% to 222,827 pounds ($354,000) from November-December, 2010. Many UK home sellers do not want to be involved in transactions in this market. Many UK home buyers cannot get a mortgage. An Acadametrics report showed the number of transactions dropped by 53,000 (approx) in December 2010 – a 33% decline from the same period in 2009.

U.K. House Prices Decline for Third Month as Lenders Restrict Mortgages

What Do Consumers Predict For Home Prices In 2011?

The Chicago Agent magazine asked its readers for their predictions. At least 54% said that housing prices would remain the same as in the past year. Thirty one per cent of responses expected a decline of home sale prices in the coming months.

No doubt, within Chicago and elsewhere, home buyers are hoping for continued price reductions. Of course, home sellers always wish for higher prices. At least 15% of respondents to the magazine survey expected home sellers in 2011 would be getting better prices.

What Are Your Predictions For Home Prices In 2011?

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Jan 8

Rounding Up the Best Real Estate Advice

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Real Estate Advice for 2011

The beginning of the New Year revolves around the 'annual' resolutions – at least according to the media. Whether people choose to follow a set plan or just play it by air, you can bet that they will be bombarded by all kinds of advice - on television, in print, and at online sites. The professional (or other) advice will cover every topic from routine to resorts to real estate.

You have to separate the great advice from the inaccurate, silly, or even foolhardy suggestions. Real estate is one area where it pays to resolve to learn more during the coming year. Even if you are not buying or selling now, chances are that you will at some point. As well, renters need to know the score. It pays to get a feel for the topic and arm yourself with knowledge.

As you delve through the mounds of real estate advice, you can find 'real' golden nuggets of information from reputable sources. Often the best pieces of advice are simple suggestions that make the most sense. Yet often, consumers overlook the simple solution because they perceive real estate as a complicated matter. Truthfully, real estate is a complex issue, but knowing the basics makes it less of a challenge.

Rounding Up the Best Real Estate Advice

"Get your home into selling shape." ~ Ilyce Glink, Real Estate Matters, Chicago Tribune

Ilyce Glink, author of Real Estate Matters, emphasizes preparing to sell your home. Part of her wise advice – get rid of items - unless you need or use them. Interior and exterior cleaning, repairs, and touch-ups are also suggestions as well as the possibility of hiring a stager.


"Make a sensible valuation." ~ Tanya Ashreena, Financial Times

This sensible statement was written for London readers but it is relevant on a global level. Sellers have to be certain that their asking prices reflect the present market – not yesterday's value or tomorrow's prediction. The Financial Times focuses on the reality of what will happen if you ignore this piece of advice. Failure to do so will lower your chances of selling a home.

"Always get a home inspection." ~ US News

Now this bit of advice might seem boring if you've just found the perfect house – or so you think at the time. Potential buyers need to complete a 'checklist' before they decide on that dream home. The state of the foundation and the electrical system as well as water damage – all these matters (and more) have to be explored before you buy a home. Keep in mind that potential buyers can keep an eye out for types of damage and disrepair but they still need the professional help of a home inspector.


Federal Reserve issues tips for mortgage loan shopping

Money Saving Tips for Your Apartment

What Is The Best Real Estate Advice For First-Time Buyers?

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Jan 3

Foreign Investors Favor US

by Mary Teresa Fowler

Foreign real estate investment

According to the results of the 19th Annual Survey released by the Association of Foreign Investment in Real Estate (AFIRE), international buyers favor US property. As foreign investors notice a recovering economy, they are expressing a renewed interest in U.S. real estate. In the latter part of 2010, this real estate survey was conducted among association members. The James A. Graaskamp Center for Real Estate at the Wisconsin School of Business handled the project.

19th AFIRE Survey

Industry leaders are bound to pay close attention to this latest survey by AFIRE with its 180 members representing 21 countries. The survey received responses from members holding more than $627 billion in global real estate and $265 billion in U.S. property. More than 60% of responses named the US as the best potential for capital appreciation. At least 72% of foreign buyers revealed that they plan to increase their US investments in 2011 compared to 2010 transactions.

AFIRE's 19th Annual Survey holds significant weight. The numbers reflect the opinions and plans of an influential group holding a considerable stake in global and regional assets. The 2010 results are far more encouraging than previous dismal numbers.

In 2006, only 26% of international investors saw potential in US property. Now more foreign buyers recognize the chance for capital appreciation in this country. Actually, the 2010 survey showed the strongest faith in this nation's real estate in the past decade.

Leading U.S. Cities

Two US cities – New York City and Washington – outshone other global cities in this recent AFIRE survey. In fact, New York City replaced London as the number one choice for foreign investors in real estate during 2011. Since 2001, London has held either first or second place. With the latest AFIRE results, London dropped to third place – behind the Big Apple and Washington – just before Paris in fourth position. Ian Hawksworth, AFIRE chairman, is not surprised by London's drop in rank.

"...In the last downturn, London was the first market to recover, and whilst investment in the UK Capital is still very active, it is not surprising that London has dropped to third place as investors expand their search to higher yielding markets such as U.S. gateway cities that offer attractive risk adjusted returns," says Ian Hawksworth, chairman of Foreign Investment in Real Estate.

NYC tops London for real estate investors

The popularity of NYC and Washington real estate is not a big surprise. Check out our 2010 articles – Inside New York Hotels – and - Moving To Washington. NYC, Washington, and Boston came in as the top three U.S. cities for foreign investment. New York City and Washington received four times more votes than third-place Boston. Yet in 2010, Boston has moved up from its fourth place position in the previous year. Take a look back at our 2010 analysis of Boston Real Estate – Better & Brighter Market.

U.S. Cities Lead Way for Global Foreign Real Estate Investment

Surprising statistics came to light about preferred U.S. property types for investment in 2011. Multi-family homes, apartments, retail, and hotels are the top four favorites among foreign investors. Offices ranked lower and industrial spaces showed up as the least favorite. Usually, offices are the top pick of institutional investors.

The drop in popularity of office space might be tied to high unemployment rates. Although there is growth in employment numbers, buyers could be feeling somewhat uncertain about investing in offices and industrial property. Yet foreign investors have overall confidence in the U.S. real estate market. Investors interested in U.S. cities quadruple the number of foreign buyers wanting to invest in the UK.

Are You Feeling Confident About The U.S. Real Estate Market?

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Jan 1

Real Estate Levels 2011

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Real estate value predictions for 2011

Home buyers and sellers, as well as investors, are trying to figure out the future of real estate in the coming year. Depending on their position, interested parties are exploring different areas of real estate. Individuals and organizations focus on everything from property value levels to interest rates to REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) debt levels.

Commercial Real Estate

Real-estate fund managers have expressed confidence in the future of commercial real estate. According to portfolio managers, recovery is underway in the current market. The improvement is spurred on by low interest rates, favorable cash flows, and increased demand.

This group analyzes national and regional trends. Using this data, they decide on the most promising property sections and regions. Sectors such as apartments with short leases suffered in the economic downturn but they are expected to rebound in this recovery stage. As corporate travelers return to the road, hotels are attracting the attention of investors.

REIT Debt Level

With regards to REITs, industry experts pay attention to debt level compared to their earnings before taxes, interest, depreciation, and amortization.

Up, Up And Away

UK Business Property

In 2011, UK business property is also expected to be supported by low interest rates. Industry leaders believe that the Bank of England will not change the base rate until later in the year. On December 9th, the Monetary Policy Committee voted to maintain current levels.

Business property boosted by low interest rates in 2011?

Residential Property Value Levels

During 2011, home owners (and potential buyers) will be keeping an eye to property value levels. Within the past week, home owners in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, were told about a slight increase in their property value assessments. During 2010, B.C. Assessment had frozen property values at 2007/2008 levels.

Of course, home owners are concerned about higher taxes associated with increased assessments. According to Cameron Muir, chief economist for the B.C. Real Estate Board, the increase in property values, however, may not result in a significant tax increase. Muir points out the positive aspect of higher property value assessments in a region.

"The increase would reflect stronger economic conditions and a healthier real estate market," said Cameron Muir, chief economist for the B.C. Real Estate Board, representing 12 real estate boards and almost 18,000 Realtors.

Residential housing sales in British Columbia should rise slightly in 2011. The province's economy is showing improvement with more employment and a larger population. Metro Vancouver is one popular area where home buyers can find affordable houses. Most likely, property prices will continue to rise in the coming year. Yet Metro Vancouver is still expected to be popular with home buyers especially with first-timers.

Greater Victoria property values buoyed by economic recovery

Will The Real Estate Market Level Out In 2011?

If people have an interest in real estate on any level, they should track market statistics. At present, the industry is experiencing a recovery. Yet there will be continued speculation about whether the market will level out or climb to new heights. Real estate predictions – even on a local scale - are not an exact science. A regional market can be affected by varied factors including external influences.

What Are Your Predictions For The Real Estate Market In 2011?

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Dec 20

Townhouse Sales – Going To Town

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Townhouse Sales

Within the US and Canada, sales of townhouses are 'going to town' (moving ahead in a vigorous manner). The term 'townhouse' has varied meanings in different countries. Historically in the UK and Ireland, 'townhouse' referred to the residence of a member of the aristocracy in a capital or major city. Famous townhouses are 10 Downing Street, residence of Prime Minister David Cameron, or Clarence House, home of the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, and now the residence of Charles, Prince of Wales.

What are Townhouses?

Today in North America, this type of housing (either single-family or multiple-family dwellings) has a small "footprint." Usually, a townhouse is within minutes (either walking or with public transportation) of a city's business and industrial areas. Townhouses have been compared to a compromise between a condo and a regular home.

This housing category can include homes in the luxury market as well as more affordable houses. Superb examples of luxurious townhouses can be found in New York, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Why do People Buy Townhouses?

Part of the current appeal of townhouses is the wide range of prices. There is a townhouse for every budget and all age groups. Townhouses interest everyone from first-time buyers to empty-nesters who are downsizing to a smaller home. A first-time home buyer views a townhouse as an affordable alternative to a detached house. Building fees can cover issues such as snow removal, landscaping, or maintenance of the building's exterior.

Sometimes there is more demand for townhouses than can be supplied by the market. Wendy Jabusch, general manager of Hawthorne Homes, speaks about Canadian real estate and townhouses.

"Recent research shows that available townhome product -- homes started or available for pre-sale -- is only 14 per cent of the new construction market. The remaining 86 per cent of multi-family product is apartments," says Wendy Jabusch of Hawthorne Homes.

What does the Future Hold for Townhouses?

There has been a recent increase in townhouse developments. Construction starts of townhouses counted in at 250 in Calgary, Alberta during October, 2010. According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, that statistic showed the strongest month in 21 years for townhouse starts. Of course, there were fewer new townhouse constructions in 2009 because builders were working though units already in production.

Home buyers gravitate to townhouses for several reasons. Townhouses offer good value, attractive design, and lifestyle benefits. President and partner Tim Logel of Cardel Lifestyles says that he has found that townhouses have maintained their popularity since Cardel's first development in 2002. Logel is optimistic about townhouse sales in the coming year.

"I expect 2011 to be a strong year for townhome sales as affordability and the job market improves in Calgary," says Tim Logel of Cardel Lifestyles.

City homebuyers go to town

Manhattan Townhouses

New York City townhouses never lose their appeal. It is easier to get financing for a city townhouse than a NYC co-op. Generally, lenders look upon a Manhattan townhouse purchase as a wise investment. If you buy a townhouse as an investment, rental income can take care of the monthly mortgage payment.

Financing A Manhattan Townhouse

Are You Planning To Buy A Townhouse?

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Dec 14

US and UK Home Sellers - Chilly Sales

by Mary Teresa Fowler
End of Year Slowdown in Home Sales

Unless you are in a hot climate, November and December can be chilly months. This year, parts of the US and the UK are living through an early winter. Home sellers in these countries have also been experiencing a chilly period.

Los Angeles

Although Los Angeles might have warm temperatures, there has been a cooling down period in the housing market. During November 2010, the Los Angeles County housing market saw quite a slowdown. Home sales fell 21% compared to purchases in 2009. Condos sales had even a worse showing. Last year, 4,315 homes had sold in this region throughout November. Only 3,423 homes were purchased during the same period in the current year.

Sales were down 9% from October. Often home sales will decline somewhat in late autumn as the market heads towards winter. Yet the median price in Los Angeles County did not show much movement. In fact, median price was at almost the same place as in summer.

In a November 23 report, the California Association of Realtors suggested that the average home seller is not prepared for these chilly times. The housing market is in the midst of change. People must be willing to participate in a different game on an unfamiliar playing field. Leslie Appleton-Young, association chief economist, explains the "new reality."

"We're really seeing two different housing markets: one at the lower end driven by first-time buyers and investors, which is keeping prices stable, and one with nostalgic sellers who set unrealistic asking prices," says Leslie Appleton-Young, chief economist of the California Association of Realtors.

As well, Michael Nourmand, president of residential brokerage Nourmand & Associates, has noticed that buyers and sellers are finding it hard to adjust to a new market. Home sellers tend to think about the previous popularity of an area or earlier neighborhood prices. Yet sellers must think in the "here and now." In uncertain times, affordable options (such as fixer-uppers) are a big draw.

November Ushers In a Big Chill for Home Sellers


In the UK, home sellers cut asking prices by 3% in December. These figures represent the worst December performance for home sale prices in three years. The statistics show the steepest decline since the 3.2% drop in 2007. Home purchase prices have now fallen during five of the past six months in all regions of England and Wales. The West Midlands saw the worst fall at 5% but Wales escaped with a mere 1.3% decline.

Despite a demand for homes and interest in quality homes and popular neighborhoods, dreams do not always translate into actual sales. Negative factors can come in to play to outweigh positive circumstances. Miles Shipside, director of Rightmove, explains part of the problem in the current UK housing market.

"The fact that many would-be buyers do not have the ability to proceed, and some homeowners find themselves in a position where they are forced to sell, drives prices down," states Miles Shipside, director of Rightmove.

Rightmove believes national home sales prices will at least remain flat in 2011. In fact, they predict the worst scenario could be a 5% decline because many homeowners are facing repossessions.

Home Sellers Forced To Slash Asking Prices

Are Home Sale Prices Experiencing A Chill In Your Neighborhood?

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Nov 29

Commercial Real Estate – Global Market

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Commercial Real Estate in the Global Market

Commercial real estate is a global concern. A weak commercial real estate market is a drag on economic growth and subtracts from gross domestic product. The state of commercial real estate in a specific region, however, tends to mirror the local economy. Let us take a look at the current state of commercial real estate around the world.


Commercial real estate in the US rose to 42.6 (a 1.6% increase) on the index during the 2010 third quarter. Since the index is measured on a scale to 100, these statistics do not indicate a balanced marketplace but the increase is the fourth rise in a row. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the vacancy rate for office space should show a slight increase and come in at 16.7% during the present quarter. The vacancy rate is expected to decline gradually to 16.4% in the last three months of 2011.

NAR's chief economist, Lawrence Yun, points out that signs of stabilization are due to an increased demand for commercial space. Not surprisingly, New York City has one of the lowest vacancy rates. Honolulu is in the same position. Both cities have vacancy rates near 9% while other office markets report rates of more than ten percent.

The NAR says that rent in the retail sector is expected to drop 3.4% from the end of 2010 to the final quarter in 2011. It is believed that rent for industrial property will experience a drop of 7.4%.

NAR predicts commercial vacancies to fall in 2011 as market stabilizes


If investors have an interest in commercial real estate in Canada, they must be prepared to pay considerable tax. In fact, Canada is the world's most expensive country to invest in commercial property. Investors can be prepared to pay 53% of total income. That figure is 12% higher than the US rate and 44.01% higher than Finland with the world's lowest taxes on commercial real estate. According to a report by Taxand, the average tax rate among the 23 countries in a recent survey fell to 23.5% (a decrease of 0.75%) last year.

High levels of income tax (30%) and real estate (3.6%) combine to create Canada's high tax on commercial property. Yet Canada is not the worst country in every aspect of commercial tax. Canada takes only 14% of sales in tax and that puts it at the world's sixth highest for taxes on sales. With a rate of 21.8%, Norway ranks as the most expensive country in that category.

Canada commercial property tax hit world’s highest


Ireland is the world’s most vulnerable commercial real estate market. According to consultants DTZ, Ireland faces the biggest gap in funding relative to its size for refinancing debt. The $6.5 billion shortfall for debt coming due through 2013 equals 16% of the value of Ireland’s commercial real estate investment market. There has been a 60% slump in the value of commercial space and numerous Irish properties are "underwater." Lack of credit in the economy is blamed for low Irish property values.

Irish real estate described as one of the most vulnerable in the world

What Are Your Predictions For Commercial Real Estate In The Coming Year?

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Nov 19

At Home with Prince William & Kate Middleton

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Prince William's and Kate's House

Media and royal watchers were fascinated this week with Britain's most famous, newly-engaged couple – Prince William and Kate Middleton. Everyone was abuzz about the engagement ring and love-struck photos but then it was back to practical issues – but on a royal scale. As with all engaged couples, the question arose – where will the couple live to start their new life? Let us look at the homes at the center of this royal announcement.


At Home with Kate Middleton

Although the royal engagement was announced outside the Middletons' five-bedroom home in the village of Bucklebury, this house was not Kate's childhood home. Kate spent her childhood in a four-bedroom home, known as West View, in the neighboring Bradfield Southend – just two miles from her parent's present house. The Middletons moved in 1995 when Kate was 13; they had purchased the home in 1979.

Described as a "charming Victorian villa," Kate Middleton's childhood home was available for rent in 2009 at £1,250 per month. With "light, airy rooms and views of the countryside," this cozy home down a country lane was not expected to remain unoccupied for any length of time. The house has changed hands a couple of times since the Middletons moved to Bucklebury, Berkshire.

Yet Kate's home is much the same today as when she was growing up in West View. The house has been updated somewhat but the basic layout is the same. Kate's parents had built an extension to the ground floor and added a playroom. These additions can still be enjoyed by today's occupants.

Take a peek at Kate Middleton's childhood home.


At Home with Prince William and Kate Middleton

Apparently, the famous couple has been living together for several months on the island of Anglesey off the coast of Wales. Prince William is based at RAF Valley as a Sea King search and rescue pilot. They are reported to be renting a whitewashed farmhouse for £750 a month. Although there are no known plans for a move during the engagement period, there is a new home in the future for the happy couple.

Prince Charles is building a home for his first-born son and future daughter-in-law. It looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton will be starting their married life at the Harewood Park Estate in Herefordshire. The 900 acre estate is situated in prime countryside between Monmouth and Ross-on-Wye. The property in rural Herefordshire is close to the border with Wales as well as Highgrove House in Gloucestershire.

The estate will have a chapel as well as a 200 L rainwater reservoir and stables. The couple's new six bedroom 'starter' home is being built with every available eco-friendly, modern convenience. The 'green' features include a boiler using wood chips from trees on the estate, solar panels, reed-bed sewage system, and walls lined with insulating sheep’s wool.

Water-saving and low-energy appliances will be used throughout and the home will be topped off with a roof made from salvaged Welsh slate. A decision was made to downsize the home from almost 15,000 ft.² to approximately 8500 ft.² and, therefore, improve its energy efficiency. A green and modern home for a prince and his princess!

Prince William and Kate Middleton will live an ultra-green royal fairytale

Will The Royal Couple's Harewood Park Estate Start A 'Green' Trend?

Image courtesy of mirror.co.uk

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