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How Commission Rebate Works for Home Buyers

Compare Commission Rebate Offers from Local Realtors
(Average Rebate is 40%)

Are you looking to buy a home and would like to find a buyer's real estate agent offering commission rebate? It's now easier then ever to compare commission rebate offers from local Realtors. Simply search homes for sale and once you locate a home you're interested simply click Get Rebate Offers button to start a commission rebate request. Can't find a property you're interested in? No problem, you can start a commission rebate request without finding a potential home first. Click here to start a commission rebate request.

Here is how commission rebate works:

  • 1

    Search Homes

    Find homes for sale in your area with our easy-to-use map-based property locator

  • 2

    Get Rebate Offers

    After finding potential homes, click Get Offers Now to see available offers from local agents

  • 3

    Choose the Best Deal

    Compare offers from local Realtors and choose one or several with maximum savings (no commitment)

  • 1Search Homes for Sale
  • Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an existing home owner looking to move into a larger home, we’ve got the right tools for you to find your perfect home.

    Start by clicking on Find a Home at the top left of the page and then simply tell us what type of property you are looking for as well as any must-have features for your new home. To change your home search criteria at any time, simply click on Search Options under the City, State box. You can also save a property (or even several at once) to your personal toolbox to have it available on your next visit.

    If you cannot locate a suitable property using our search, you can still get commission rebate offers from local real estate agents. Simply, start a commission rebate request and tell us about the property you are looking to buy.

  • 2Get Rebate Offers
  • Real Estate Agent Commission RebateWhile viewing a particular property listing, along with the specifics about the home and neighborhood demographics details, you will also see estimated rebate next to the property price. While there are many factors influencing the rebate amount, you can significantly increase your rebate if you already have one or several properties in mind that fit your home search criteria. For example, instead of going to a real estate agent and asking him or her to locate properties for you, simply use our intuitive map-based property search to choose several properties that suit your particular needs.

    While browsing properties for sale, if you see one that interests you, simply click Get Rebate Offers button to start a commission rebate request. The service is free and there is no obligation to work with any particular agent when requesting rebate offers - you are simply indicating your potential interest in that particular property and your readiness to review rebate offers from local Realtors.

  • 3Choose the Best Rebate Deal
  • After reviewing commission rebate offers from your local Realtors, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informative decision based not only on the rebate amount offered by the agent, but also on other important factors such as the agent's experience level, service area(s), professional background, languages spoken, recent sales statistics and other indicators that will assist you in making the right choice.

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