Real Estate Commission Rebate - Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1What is commission rebate?
  • Commission rebate is part of the buyer agent’s commission which is rebated back to the home buyer at or after closing.

  • 2Are buyer agent’s services free for home buyers?
  • Yes, buyer’s agent services are always free for home buyers. Buyer's agent is compensated by the seller paying commission to the listing agent (6%). Buyer’s agent plays an important role in a real estate transaction by exclusively representing buyer’s interests, helping find and analyze properties best suited to buyer’s needs, reviewing pricing trends in the desired neighborhood and negotiating on behalf of the buyer.
  • 3Am I making a commitment with a real estate agent when I contact them about a rebate offer?
  • You are under no obligation to work with any particular real estate agent when you contact them about a commission rebate offer. You may interview multiple agents and ask any questions you might have before you agree to work with a particular agent.
  • 4What is the process of getting commission rebate offers from my local Realtors?
  • For an overview of the entire process, please refer to How it Works section.
  • 5How do I pick the best commission rebate offer?
  • After you start a commission rebate request, you'll be able to compare rebate offers side by side, and in addition to the rebate amount offered by each agent, you'll be able to view information about agents that will help you in making the right choice.

  • 6Why should I choose EstateRebate to find an agent with rebate?
  • We provide you with a convenient way to compare the best commission rebate offers from local Realtors in one place. It's free and quick to use - you get instant commission rebate offers from top ranked Realtors after providing a little information about the property you're looking to buy.
  • 7Is commission rebate allowed in my state?
  • Commission rebate is allowed in most of the states. The U.S. Department of Justice reports: "In most states brokers compete on price for consumers' business. However, ten states have enacted laws that forbid brokers from offering refunds, denying consumers the benefits of price competition and driving prices higher than they would be in a more competitive market"   View interactive map of the states that prohibit commission rebates (source USDOJ).
  • 8I'd like to sell my home, do you offer similar savings for home sellers?
  • Yes, we do! We'll help you compare listing commission offers from your local Realtors. Please visit the How it Works page for home sellers.
  • 9I am a real estate agent and would like to get more information
  • Real estate agents please refer to our Agent Information page.

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