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Apr 25

San Diego Home Prices - Slight Increase

by Mary Teresa Fowler
During January 2011, the housing market in San Diego County was spurred on by investors interested in distressed properties. Investors will swoop into any market with distressed real estate. After all, investors are in the game for the profit rather than the ideal of home ownership.  Distressed Properties Even during 2010, ‘properties in turmoil’ accounted for 59% of resales in San Diego County. In fact, distressed real e... [More]
Apr 23

Minneapolis Home Prices - Steepest Decline

by Mary Teresa Fowler
On April 7, 2011, CorelLogic, a California based provider of consumer, financial and property data, reported that home prices in Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington fell 6.7% in February compared to the same period last year. A recent Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller report noted that the home price dropped 3.1% for a 20-city composite in January over 2010.  Steepest Decline The Minneapolis market, however, experienced a huge de... [More]
Apr 19

How to Sell a Home in Atlanta

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Many home sellers in Atlanta might not think that they need advice about their sales strategy. After all, spring (considered the best season for selling homes) has arrived and Atlanta is a city with amazing attractions. Yet the Atlanta real estate market has been challenging for the past few years. Challenges and Opportunities The city’s home sellers must realize that they will face competition. Home sellers, however, can turn challenge... [More]
Apr 7

South Florida Condos - Selling For More

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Condo Vultures reports that the average resale asking price of condos and townhouses near the coast in South Florida is almost four times more than similar homes in the suburbs of the tricounty area. This Florida region has about 5.5 million people living from south to north in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Interstate 95 bisects each county with the coast to the east and suburbs to the west. South Florida Counties Miami... [More]
Apr 3

San Francisco Real Estate - Flat Home Sales

by Mary Teresa Fowler
During February, San Francisco Bay experienced flat home prices and sales. Foreclosures and short sales accounted for over 50% of home resales in the area. Sales of recent foreclosed homes accounted for nearly one third (32.6%) of the Bay Area's February resale market. That figure was down from 35% in January and 36.3% the same time last year. Short Sales Short sales (sale price lower than the amount owed by the previous owner) made... [More]
Apr 2

Dallas Spring-Slow Season for Home Sellers

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Springtime is seen traditionally as an active season for home buying. Usually, Dallas is a hub of real estate activity at any time of year. Yet spring 2011 is shaping up as a slow season for home sellers in Dallas. Slow Sales Even though Dallas is considered one of the better markets in the US, spring selling has met with low demand. Tim Gehan, a builder in this dynamic Texas city, reported that their company’s home models receive plent... [More]
Mar 26

Tampa Real Estate - Mixed Signals

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Tampa real estate is sending out mixed messages. Maybe part of the reason is due to interested investors. They are sizing up the potential for profit in terrific Tampa. Rising Home Sales No doubt, home sales are rising – an increase of 16% from 2010 and 24% from February. Yet according to data from Florida Realtors, distressed homes prevented the median sales price from being higher than $111,110 last month. Within the Tampa-S... [More]
Mar 23

Houston's Changing Housing Market

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Houston’s housing market is an ever-changing scene and varies throughout the region. The latest report indicates that median home prices in this Texas city were never as high as in February 2011. Houston is going against the general trend across the country. High Median Sales Price Although the single family median sales price is $151,900 (up 3.9% from last year), sales were down somewhat in Houston. Average prices rose 6.6% but home sa... [More]
Mar 5

Foundation Repairs–Should You Flee or Stay?

by Mary Teresa Fowler
When a home inspector lists 'foundation repairs' in the inspection report, those two words shock home buyers. Yet knowing that your potential new home has foundation problems puts you one step ahead in the game. At least, home inspections alert buyers to major (or minor) concerns about a home's condition. Professional Help Buyers need professional advice before they buy a home in need of foundation repairs or a house with a repaired foundatio... [More]
Mar 3

White House Sale

by Mary Teresa Fowler
The White House is not for sale but the Obama administration is planning a sale. Actually, the government is organizing a huge clear-out - thousands of vacant or underused federal buildings. The transactions will occur gradually over the coming years. Huge Sale Obviously, arranging such a substantial deal requires plenty of professional help. The administration must determine which office towers and courthouses should be put on the market. If... [More]

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