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Auction Bidding Example:

  1. You make a 1% cashback bid on an auction for a buyer of a 4 bedroom house valued at $650,000, the buyer is pre-approved
  2. Several days go by and another agent submits a cashback bid on the same auction at 1.25%
  3. You decide to raise your bid to 1.5% cashback
  4. The buyer accepts your bid
  5. After the buyer accepts your bid, you can view their contact information and get in touch with the buyer to discuss the details of the property they are looking to buy and sign buyer representation agreement

if in the above example the buyer never accepted your offer, your offer(s) would not count against your monthly auction allowance. In other words, with our FREE plan, you'd be able to make bids in any given month until one of your bids is accepted by the client. If you wanted to earn even more residual income and participate in more requests per month, you can always upgrade to our 5-auction, 10-auction or unlimited auction plan at any time.
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Whether you prefer to work with sellers or buyers, you have the ability to specify the precise geographic area for your prospects.

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Once you create a profile, you'll have access to motivated home buyers and sellers in your area that are actively looking for real estate agents and have shown their interest by creating a commission rebate request.

How it Works
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  • Tell us how you want to be notified about new commission rebate requests, your geographic prospect targeting preference and profiles of home buyer and sellers your want to work with.
  • Make Commission Rebate Offers and Get Business
  • Once you profile setup is complete, you'll start receiving notifications of new commission rebate requests in your area. After reviewing the specifics of a particular rebate request, you may choose to submit a rebate offer. The prospective client is notified of your offer and may contact you directly via phone or through the internal messaging system. Close the sale and get paid!
  • Let Us Worry About Getting You Clients, So That You Can Focus on What You Do Best - Selling Houses Not Maintaining Websites!
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