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  • Pesqueira
  • Ferraguti
  • Bekheet
  • Cofield
  • Romig
  • Perryman
  • Kersten
  • Rodriguez
  • Adamovici
  • Commisso
  • Faulhaber
  • Tont
  • Brown
  • Norfolk Jr
  • Justiniano
  • Haselton
  • Rineberg
  • Barnes
This Cashback Request lets home buyers quickly find and compare top real estate agents when buying a home. Find real estate agents, view agent’s profile, and get the best commission rebate offers available. Being financially prepared in a real estate transaction ensures that you’ll receive the maximum commission rebate. Start a commission rebate request to find a Real Estate Agent to help you buy your dream house and get maximum commission rebate.
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In a situation where you are selling your existing property, and at the same time looking to buy a new home, you can maximize your commission savings and cashback even further by having your agent represent you for both transactions
It's highly recommended that you have a pre-approval letter from your bank in order to get maximum cashback from your agent

Factors Influencing Rebate Amount

As a buyer looking for rebate opportunities during your next home purchase, you may be wondering what factors determine the rebate amount, as well as the best scenario for maximizing rebate. While every home buyer’s situation is different, in general, the factors influencing the rebate amount include: purchase price of your home, buying time frame, whether you are also looking to sell your existing home and are willing to use the same Realtor for both of the transactions, whether you’ve already found a property or several potential properties you are interesting in, and, financing status. Below is a table which will help you visualize the relationship among these factors and the caschback amount:

  • Factors Increasing
  • High property value
  • Short-term buying time frame
  • Willingness to use buyer's agent to help you sell your existing home
  • The buyer has already found a few properties of interest
  • The buyer has been pre-approved for a loan
  • Factors Lowering
  • Relatively low property value
  • Long-term or uncertain buying time frame
  • Unwillingness to use buyer's agent to help you sell your existing home
  • The buyer only has a general idea in regards to the property of interest
  • The buyer has not been pre-approved for a loan

We strive to maximize your commission rebate and don’t charge agents a referral fee. In return, we ask you to compare competitive, no-obligation mortgage offers in .

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