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Dec 8

The Falling Prices of Foreclosures

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Home Foreclosure Bargains

Home buyers might expect to purchase a foreclosure for a bargain. Yet probably few buyers would be hoping for a 45% discount. According to Realty Trac, however, sales prices for Ohio foreclosures reached that low point in the third quarter of 2010.

Falling Prices

Purchase prices for foreclosures did not fall to that extent in every state. Yet foreclosures sold on the average for 32% less than non-foreclosure sales. In the second quarter, foreclosures sold for just 26% less than other homes. They could be purchased for 29% less in 2009. Realty Trac CEO, James Saccacio, said that he had never seen such disparity in prices of foreclosures and non-foreclosures since 2005.

The overall best deals went to buyers who picked up REOs (real estate owned by the bank after repossession). REOs were selling 41% lower than non-foreclosures in the summer and early autumn of the current year. That percentage means that a $300,000 foreclosure was selling for $177,000. A huge discount!

Distressed Properties

Of course, REOs may not be in prime condition. That factor is at play in the discount prices for certain foreclosure sales. Home buyers must always be realistic about purchasing distressed properties. These homes will need extra tender loving care – an investment of time, effort, and money. Home buyers must understand the implications of buying homes in less-than-mint condition.

If buyers are willing to take on the challenge, however, they will be getting a good deal in the current market. While the average price of homes rose 6.4% from the second to third quarter in 2010, distressed property prices fell 2.5%. Non-foreclosure sale prices rose to an average of $250,000 and foreclosure purchase prices fell to $170,000.

Behind the Scene

Home sales had dropped after the end of the Federal Homebuyers' Tax Credit. As well, more foreclosures came on the market. Buyers had plenty of choices. If homes were not set at favorable prices, they could just sit on the market for an indefinite period.

Getting Rid of REOs

REOs have been returned to lenders but they are still eager to get rid of the properties. REOs come with a cost for bankers. Actually, lenders would prefer to take a low price rather than carry the cost of the home for months.

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REO Statistics

Even with the deeply-discounted prices, however, REO sales dropped during the third quarter. Since home sales also fell, foreclosures still occupy the same share of the market. Yet REOs remained popular with many home buyers.

Nevada had the highest percentage (54%) of REO sales in the third quarter of this year. Yet these figures were 2% lower than sales for the second quarter. Other states also showed high numbers of foreclosure sales. In Arizona, foreclosures accounted for 47% of home sales. Foreclosures within California made up 40% of all home purchases.

In Massachusetts, more than one third of home sales during July-September were foreclosures. The fourth quarter statistics will be released in the new year. These figures will reflect the impact of the robo-signing fiasco.

Already dirt cheap, foreclosure prices dive

Will You Be Taking Advantage Of The Falling Prices Of Foreclosures?

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