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Oct 29

Inviting Front Doors – What a Treat

by Mary Teresa Fowler
Inviting Front Doors

On this Halloween weekend, the more mysterious and creepy your entrance looks, the better kids (and adults) like it. Yet come Monday morning, lose the look! Indeed, if you are planning to sell your home, a mysterious, hidden, or overgrown entryway won't attract buyers. No dead branches or plants in the yard! Without a doubt, a horror of a door will spook your buyers.

Potential home buyers respond to well-tended property and a welcoming entrance. A neat and attractive entryway gives the impression that you care about this home. An inviting door and tidy yard can help to sell your home before the buyers even see the interior.

Added Attraction

Every house should welcome guests (and buyers) through an attractive and well-maintained front door. No scratches and scrapes or doors that won't open or close without considerable effort! The finish on doors can fade and chip after years of enduring weather conditions. Sometimes it is not necessary to buy a new door. A light sanding and a paint job might do the trick. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to choose the right type of paint.

Complementary Colors

The color of the door must work with the color scheme of your home's exterior. It doesn't have to be the same shade as the house. Yet the color should not provide so much contrast that it draws attention to the door alone instead of the entire home.

A bright color can work if your home is surrounded with brilliant flowers or blazing foliage. Generally, colors that blend with natural hues look welcoming at an entrance. Choose shades that match the natural elements (like stone or brick) of your home and its surroundings (landscape and other buildings).

Brilliant white is not an appealing choice for a front door because it is a stark color. Bright white is a cold tone - not a welcoming color. A white paint with a touch of yellow or pink is a better choice.

Your door should fit the look and style of your house. A small cottage should have a cozy look. A stately home should have a more formal entrance.

Surviving the Storm

Your door must look sturdy enough to survive a storm. You don't want potential home buyers to think that their entry door will blow down at the first gust of wind. If a home has a main door and storm door, both should look their best. If you can't afford to replace the main wood or metal door, buy an affordable and decorative storm door to make a great first impression.

Getting a Handle

When home owners put in the time and effort to make improvements to their entrance, they are 'getting a handle' on the sale. They are setting the stage for the sale of their home. Maybe that will mean having to buy new door handles.

Metal door handles can tarnish and chip over time. If yours look the worse for wear, replace them. Handles and locks are not difficult to install and it could be a DIY project. If there isn't already a deadbolt on the door, it may be a smart idea to install one. It will be safer for you while you're in the home as well as an extra safety feature that will impress buyers.

Decorative Touch

Even though the Halloween decorations are gone, potential home buyers won't mind a glorious fall arrangement or silk flower wreath on your door. It adds a decorative and welcoming touch. Inviting doors 'invite in' guests – and home buyers!

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