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Apr 19

How to Sell a Home in Atlanta

by Mary Teresa Fowler

Selling a Home in Atlanta

Many home sellers in Atlanta might not think that they need advice about their sales strategy. After all, spring (considered the best season for selling homes) has arrived and Atlanta is a city with amazing attractions. Yet the Atlanta real estate market has been challenging for the past few years.

Challenges and Opportunities

The city’s home sellers must realize that they will face competition. Home sellers, however, can turn challenges into an opportunities. Atlanta is seen as a “move up market.”

Regardless of Atlanta’s appeal, home sellers need effective strategies to attract buyers. If they follow a proven plan, sellers can get their house sold quickly and be able to buy another Atlanta home. The market offers low prices and plenty of choices.

Inventory levels are shrinking at a gradual pace in many Atlanta neighborhoods. Yet present buyers search for a home for six months compared to 60 days in the past. Sometimes buyers hesitate because of negative reports about the market.

Often buyers wait because they are not on a time constraint. Within Atlanta during the first three months of 2011, the average days-on-market of home sales is just over 90 days, This statistic does not include expired or relisted homes.

Selling an Atlanta Home

Proper Pricing

Eighty percent of marketing a home depends on proper pricing. This step attracts buyers and puts your home in front of a wider audience. Sellers can no longer expect to price at a 20% premium and negotiate because sellers want a set figure at or below market value. All buyers expect a deal.

Internet Search

Prior to doing a physical search, today’s home buyers browse online real estate websites. Home sellers should be aware that buyers will enter a specific range during the search process. A $460,000 home will not show up in a user’s search for $450,000. Careful pricing can make a big difference in the final outcome for home sellers.

First Impressions

Many home sellers underestimate the impact of curb appeal. First impressions matter to home buyers. Landscape improvements, quality windows, clean siding, and a fresh coat of paint will bring in potential buyers.

Unique Homes

Each seller must make their home stand out from the rest. Every property has its own unique appeal. Sellers should emphasize the positive aspects of a home. They should be certain that the advantages of their home is evident to potential buyers.

If a home has the best garden on the block or the biggest deck, sellers must get the word out to buyers. Home sellers do not want their house to be seen as just another address. Sellers should present their property as a special place.

Selling a home in Atlanta during springtime is a tremendous opportunity. This season is not the time, however, to test the market or expect to sell a house by just displaying a sign. Selling an Atlanta home in spring 2011 takes effort and the resolve to present a house in the best possible light. Even then, home sellers must have realistic expectations.

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