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Sep 8

How To Add Value To Your Home

by Mary Teresa Fowler

Every home owner should keep up-to-date regarding the value of their home. Today's worth is not necessarily last year's value or even last month's worth. Whether home owners have moved in recently or are planning to move out soon, they should be aware of home value.

The market - in the immediate neighbourhood and the marketplace at large - affects home value. A home owner is stuck with that reality to a point. Yet home owners can take things into their own hands and try to increase the worth of their home.

It helps to work with a skilled professional to determine home value. Home owners should review strategies that will improve their home's worth. They should understand about the current market – especially in their neighbourhood. Home owners should decipher the factors that impact the worth of their home. Although all renovations are not equal as to how they affect home value, certain home improvements can make a big difference to home value.

Adding Value To Your Home

. Spruce Up The Exterior

First impressions apply to homes as well as home owners. The house that makes a good impression will be a fast seller. It is just common sense that potential home buyers are affected by the state of a home's exterior and the outdoor setting.

Home buyers are looking for a house to suit their needs. If the exterior and surroundings are a disappointment, the stage is set for this house to stay on the market for a longer period. The home's exterior has to look its best for the "open house." The outdoor area and entryway has to be safe and the location has to look appealing to buyers.

. Remodel The Kitchen

Remodelling a kitchen is a major investment ($15,000-$80,000) as well as a true hassle and definite source of stress. Yet a kitchen renovation is one of the best things you can do to add to a home's worth. The intense effort and hefty expense can translate into a high return on a home sale.

Of course, home owners can impress home buyers without having to spend huge sums of money. Most importantly, the kitchen must have a friendly atmosphere and safety has to be a priority. Even a fresh coat of paint or a clean-up and 'declutter' session can make a dramatic improvement to a kitchen.

. Redo The Bathroom

Redoing the bathroom to reflect more comfort and extra style is a wise move for every home owner. Redecorating a bathroom can come with a substantial cost. Keep in mind that an extensive bathroom renovation is a time-consuming project.

Redoing a bathroom can involve plumbing – a costly and labour-intensive process. Yet a bathroom renovation can get a home seller a return equal to or greater than the cost of remodelling. If a major project is beyond your budget, a thorough cleaning and new coat of paint can work wonders for your home. Even simple things can help to add a slight value to your home. The difference might be the deciding factor for a home buyer.

How Do You Plan To Add Value To Your Home?

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