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Jul 19

Home Buyers: Why You Need A Pro

by Mary Teresa Fowler

Buying a home is one of the most significant choices that a person will make in a lifetime. Individuals do not think twice about contacting a plumber about water issues or a computer repair expert for computer problems. Yet some people attempt to buy a home with little or no professional help. It is a big mistake to try to handle such a momentous task without the highest level of professional support. Home buyers need a pro!

Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent is a must for every home buyer. A buyer’s agent represents the buyer’s interests. These agents help to find properties best-suited to individual needs. They know the pricing trends in the area and can negotiate on behalf of the buyer.

estaterebate.com connects home buyers with buyers’ agents and gives home buyers the opportunity to create a cashback auction. The services of a buyer’s agent are free for a home buyer. As well, cashback auctions carry no cost. Home buyers should not be without these free and invaluable services.

Cashback Auctions

With cashback auctions, home buyers can go from receiving nothing with a traditional home purchase to gaining substantial savings. When a buyer purchases a home, the buyer’s agent will receive a 3% commission. Yet the buyer will not get a rebate at closing under the traditional system.

Keep in mind that the buyer’s agent receives a considerable amount. Three percent of $400,000 or $600,000 homes can add up to a hefty commission for the agent. If home buyers go through cashback auctions, they can receive a rebate of $6000 on a $300,000 purchase or an $18,000 cashback on a $900,000 home. It pays to have a pro working for you!

Maximize Savings

Creating a cashback auction will give a home buyer an opportunity to get cashback bids from local real estate agents. As well, the pros at estaterebate.com can help you receive the maximum savings. Every home buyer is unique but certain factors will influence the level of savings gained from a cashback auction.

It is an advantage if a home buyer has been pre-approved for a loan or has found a few properties of interest. The closer a home buyer is to finding their dream home, the greater the savings they can hope to gain through a cashback auction. When trying to get maximum savings, high value property and a short-term buying time frame are also considered favorable factors.

In addition, the more agents a home buyer invites to bid, the more potential is present to maximize their savings. Indeed, home buyers can even invite their current agent into the bidding process. Since many people feel uncomfortable about inviting their agent to the auction, estaterebate.com does the work for you.

The home buyer who has a buyer’s agent and is part of a cashback auction has a definite advantage over other buyers. Professional experience and expertise pays big dividends for home buyers. Maximize savings; get a pro – estaterebate.com – to handle the deal. estaterebate.com is a free service!

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