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Sep 29

Home Buyer Education Programs

by Mary Teresa Fowler

Today's home buyers are facing a different marketplace than home purchasers in past decades. Even if we look at home buyers during previous economic downturns, today's buyer is not living the same reality. Yet a glaring similarity exists between modern home buyers and purchasers in other decades (or even - centuries) in US history. Home buyers have a dream.


Home Buyer Education Programs

Another fairly common thread between home buyers of the past and present is the challenge of turning that dream into a reality. The path is not always as clear as the dream. In fact, more than one financial expert is convinced that many people do not understand the home buying process. A few US and Canadian organizations are addressing this issue with the introduction of Home Buyer Education Programs.

Realizing The American Dream

Beginning in October, Freedom Debt Management, a non-profit in Boca Raton, has partnered with Citi Group to begin a Home Buyer Education Program. This initiative will help South Florida first time buyers. The company hopes to help 100 families within the first year. Appropriately, the education program, consisting of two four-hour courses, is called, "Realizing The American Dream."

Existing Need

Some people may argue the value, or indeed, the need for such Home Buyer Education Programs. Yet online forums alone suggest that many first-time home buyers are not savvy about the process. Organizing these programs is not being condescending towards the first-time home buyer.

The simple truth is that if individuals never traveled a certain path, or doesn't know the way to get there, they cannot arrive at their destination – at least not in the most efficient manner. Yet some observers question how much first-time home buyers can learn in eight-hour sessions. If the program is well-organized and has valuable content, there is, however, no doubt that a home owner comes out with a better advantage.

The Program

The director of the Boca Raton program explains that their initiative enhances people's concept of saving and budgeting. In addition, the program focuses on possible credit traps, scams, and other threats to one's financial future. Class topics include mortgage affordability, understanding credit, getting a mortgage loan, shopping for a home, and keeping a home, as well as other related subjects.

"Strong financial skills can lead our residents to be able to buy homes, be prepared for financial emergencies, and be more comfortable in retirement, which leads to a stronger and healthier community. We are here to help our residents get their financial future in shape!” says Darish Still, Director of Counseling with Freedom.

Freedom Debt Management, Inc. offers homebuyer education program

Educating The Nation

Of course, Boca Raton is not the only city with a Home Buyer Education Program. The courses (or shorter but similar workshops) are in operation across the US in places such as Stockton and Norwalk. Canadian first time home buyers are also attending classes. Tarion Warranty Corporation offers online New Home Buyer Education Seminars online to help Ontario first-time home owners understand the warranty process and coverages with new homes.

Online education available for new home buyers 

Do You See Value In Home Buyer Education Programs?

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